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VICTORY International (Bastide Poirier Pauze) is a century-old French company, established in Saint-Etienne since 1919.

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Initially designer and manufacturer of equipment for the exploitation of coal mines, it specialized in the manufacture of lifting and handling devices.


It designs, manufactures and distributes equipment, accessories and specialized consumables for handling.


VICTORY International is the only European manufacturer of lifting equipment with its SMV range.


The robustness and reliability of our products have enabled us to be referenced in many countries.



The know-how of these teams and its design office,

a complete machine shop and manufacturing and assembly facilities,

provide full control over all aspects of manufacturing quality and production planning.


The company VICTORY Int. Its in synergy with PCT Group LTD, puts at your Service its know-how as a constructor and its innovations in the field of lifting and handling on the ground.

Its industrial strategy and dynamic commercial policy position VICTORY as your privileged partner in the field.

  • standard lifting

  • special lifting according to specifications, and particularly explosion-proof

in France as on the Export markets

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